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2024 Grand National - DELIGHTS

We are pleased to announce our second touring exhibition of Canadian Fibre Art. After the past few years of cancelled trips, isolation and basically life on hold, we are ready for some fun.

Katie Stein-Sather, Changing Directions

Exhibition Statement


Every one of us has pleasures in our lives. What delights you? What makes you happy, joyous and cheerful? What lifts your heart? We asked the fibre artists of Canada to share their ‘Delights’ with us.


This juried exhibition will consist of the works of 35-40 Canadian professional fibre artists from across Canada, each expressing a particular delight that has great meaning to them, resulting in a diverse range of materials, techniques, ideas, concepts, and cheerful thoughts to get us all back on the path to living, having fun and enjoying the pleasures of life once again.

'Changing Directions' courtesy of Katie Stein-Sather

At this time, we would like to thank Janome Canada Ltd. a supporter of the Grand National since its inception in 2003, Waterloo Region Community Foundation Grand National Legacy Fund, Fibre Art Network and Stereo Systems Ltd who all have stepped forward to see that the Grand National continues by sponsoring Delights at the Platinum or Gold levels.

Exhibition Schedule: 

Dates to Remember:

Sched 2024

​Stay tuned for updates

Oct 12, 2024 to Jan 25, 2025

Woodstock Art Gallery

449 Dundas St., Woodstock, ON N4S 1C2

March 14 - April 25, 2025

Saint John Arts Centre

20 Peel Plaza, Saint John, NB E2L 3G6


Entry Submission - Nov 1, 2023

              Deadline – Dec 15, 2023

Acceptance Notification – Mar 15, 2024

Work to arrive – June 2024

Exhibition Conclusion – June 2025

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