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2026 Grand National

Textures of Canada

Exhibition Details

Call For Entry

Entry Requirements

The Grand National Exhibition Association invites quilt and fibre artists from across Canada to participate in the 2026 thematic exhibition:

Textures of Canada

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the collected voices of Canadian artists speak volumes about our nation: they tell stories of our peoples, traditions, history, values, regional cultures, heroes, landscapes, sense of place, and so much more. Textures of Canada is a curated exhibition that explores national identity through the medium of fine art textiles. Over 30 established and emerging fibre artists from across our country interpret to what it means to be Canadian, and to be an artist in Canada. Artworks may communicate a theme, idea or experience which characterizes the Canadian way of life, a current stage in the artist’s journey, or an exploration of fibre as a fine art medium. Each artist brings a unique and exciting viewpoint to the discussion. How is local culture or community reflected in their work? How do factors like geography and the environment, or history and tradition, find expression in their materials or subject matter? What influences their textural processes, colour palettes, or designs? This is an exciting opportunity to see Canada through the eyes of a textile artist, and to engage with contemporary thought, creative styles, and exploratory forms that reflects our nation. Explore the interweaving of traditional textile methods with modern materials and contemporary themes. Join the dialogue on what it is to be Canadian. Be inspired as you are welcomed to the Grand National Exhibition 2026!

Submission Requirements

  • All Entries must be submitted using the Entry Form on this website, available November 1, 2025.

    • Note: one entry form per submission.

  • Each entry must be accompanied with a biography in the 3rd person, max 75 words or 525 characters and an artist statement in the 1st person, max 100 words or 700 characters. The statement should share the story behind your work and not include any identifying information about yourself to keep entrant anonymous for the curatorial process.

  • Each entry requires two high-resolution JPEG (JPG) images. The resolution should be at least 2500 pixels on the shortest side. This should result in a file size between 2-5MB. Full view: the entire work as it will be presented in the exhibition on a contrasting background (preferably white) with background showing on all sides. Detail view should be a close up of an area of special interest. Two additional photos are allowed for 3D artwork to view the back and/or top of the work or if additional images are necessary to give the Curator an understanding of the piece.

  • The full view image file must be named with your last name, first name, the title of the piece (i.e. Doe, Jane - My Delight.jpg). The detail image file must be named in a similar manner (i.e. Doe, Jane - My Delight detail.jpg). Additional image files should be named similarly (Doe, Jane - My Delight Top/Back.jpg).

  • Credit must be given to all individuals participating directly or indirectly in the work giving the role of each participate. This should include anyone who participated in the creation of this artwork.

  • Failure to comply with the above rules may result in your piece not being hung at all the venues as well as you being ineligible for the 2028 Grand National.

Entry Fee

The fee for the first entry is $30. Each additional entry is $20. Fees are payable by e-transfer


or by cheque made payable to

Grand National Exhibition Assn. and mailed to:

Thelma Newbury, Treasurer,

#16 – 17917 68th Ave.

Surrey, BC   V3S 9C8


  •  Artists must be Canadian citizens and/or residents.

  • The Curator will choose works that best reflect the theme while encompassing artistic and technical excellence. Decisions will be made from digital entries.

  • Works from all forms of fibre/textile mediums will be considered. Both 2 and 3D work is acceptable.

  • Pieces will be restricted to a maximum of 5’ wide by 8’ high and 10kg in weight. 

  • Works must be original design and composition.

  • No glass is allowed, front must be accessible.

  • Work must be ready to display. Hanging system (rod) included if required unless alternate arrangements are made.

  • Work may not have been previously shown at any past Grand National Exhibitions or 2026 and 2027 participating venues.  If you are the recipient of the Janome Award of Excellence it is required that you grant Janome Canada Ltd. and its designates the perpetual, worldwide right to edit, adapt, modify, reproduce, promote, publish and otherwise use your ‘shareable information’ (first name, last initial, province and images as appropriate). 

  • If you are using indigenous designs or subject matter and are not an indigenous person, written permission from the original artist (or band) must be received and submitted as an image with your Entry Form.

  • Work must be clean and odour free and match the images submitted.

  • All labels or identifying markings on the front and back, must be covered.

  • At the earliest your artwork must arrive at our first venue the third week of Apr 2026. More detailed information to be provided at a later date.

  • Work cannot be removed from the exhibition until Dec 2027.

  • The decision regarding the final acceptance of the selected works will be determined upon inspection following their arrival.

In Addition

  • Artist fees will be paid to the participating artists at the conclusion of the Exhibition.

  • Insurance: We will endeavour to insure your work to a maximum of $1250 per piece at all times during the touring exhibition. However, until the venues are all secured we are unable to guarantee this at this time.

  • Shipping: Artists are responsible for the cost of shipping the accepted works to the first venue. The Grand National Exhibition Association will cover the costs of return shipping, up to a maximum of $65. Please provide a street address for return shipping.

  • Educational Opportunities: Some of our venues may be interested in hiring a participating artist to give a talk, demo or workshop. Please indicate your interest in being considered for one of these opportunities, on the Entry Form.

Contact Information: 

Media Consent

Entering this exhibition confirms acceptance of the following:

  • I accept that emails may be sent to me with regards to my entry or upcoming shows.

  • I accept that photos of my work may be used in various promotional or advertising opportunities in regards to this exhibition. This may include photography by participating venues, the general public and/or Grand National Exhibition Assn. for archival records, promotional and educational purposes, social media sites and exhibition publications.

Exhibition Dates

Dates to Remember:

  • Entry: Nov 1 - Dec 15, 2025

  • Notification of Acceptance of Entry: Mar 15, 2026

  • Exhibition Opens: May 2026

  • Exhibition Closes: Dec 31, 2027


Exhibition Schedule: 

  • Stay tuned for updates

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