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2019 Grand National


The 2019 Grand National Fibre Art & Quilt Exhibition is a stunning display of fibre art from across Canada that explores the concept of what it means to be

Photo of “Rusty” courtesy of Donna MacDonald 

'Still' is the culmination of a year and a half of hard work to insure that the Grand National stayed alive. And alive it is. A stunning exhibition of 47 fibre art pieces juried by Betty Bailey and Karen Szakaly from 125 entries interpreting the theme – 'Still'.

July 6 to August 10, 2019

Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba


Grand Prize went to Carol Seeley for 'West Coast Moments – Still Fishing'

Janome Award of Excellence went to Karen Thatcher for 'Finding Tranquility' 

Viewers’ Choice Award:

Julie Garcia for 'Still Standing'

WonderFil Award of Excellence in Thread Work:
1st Place to Tracey Lawko for 'Snow Study'
2nd Place to Julie Garcia for 'Still Standing'
3rd Place to Emilie M Belak for 'Bell Without Heart'

Judge’s Choice Awards:
Judge Deborah Barlow, went to Nancy Riemersma for 'Tranquility'
Judge Val Harrison, went to Leslie Forbes for 'On A Winter’s Day'
Judge Wanda Steiner, went to Julie Garcia for 'Birch Lookout'

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Annonymous (4)  | Morning Glory Quilters

About the Jurors and Judges 


Joyce Brown, Jury Coordinator 

Joyce is one of two instructors for the CQA/ACC’s Quilt Judge Certification Program. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others and encouraging quilting to grow both through judging and teaching. Joyce is a fibre artist creating pieces of work that reflect her love of travelling the world. 


Betty Bailey, Juror 

From sewing a blouse at age nine through teaching sewing clothing classes, Betty’s interest in fabrics has continued. Her passion for quilting has grown with a focus on teaching, judging and providing encouragement to others to pursue their own passion. 


Karen Szakaly, Juror 

Karen has lived and worked the majority of her life on her farm outside of Calgary, Alberta where she quilts daily. Since becoming an apprentice judge in 2015, she has judged the Edmonton and District Quilt Show, the Saskatoon Quilters Guild Show as well as jurying the CQA 2018 NJS as she works towards becoming certified. 


Deb Barlow, Judge 

Debora is an award winning fibre artist and longarm quilter. Her work has been viewed at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, the CQA/ACC National Juried Show, the Grand National and the touring juried exhibition “Dimensions”. Debora is a CQA/ACC National Certified Judge and holds juried status as a professional crafts person/fibre artist with the Saskatchewan Craft Council. 


Wanda Steiner, Judge 

Wanda was one of the first Certified Quilt Judges to emerge from the CQA/ACC Quilt Judging Program. Judging is a passion for her as she wants to encourage and empower quilt makers with positive critiques. With a diverse quilting background encompassing over 24 years, Wanda’s first love was hand piecing and hand appliqué in the traditional genre. She has since moved on to acquire expertise in many machine techniques and methodologies and says she loves it all! 


Valerie Hazelton, Judge 

Valerie has been involved in the local quilting scene for the past 15 years with membership on the executive of Manitoba Prairie Quilters, convener of that guild’s quilt show, teaching and attending workshops, as well as being a member of additional smaller quilt groups including the Winnipeg Modern Quilt Guild. While her tastes in quilting are eclectic, she enjoys appliqué, paper piecing and working on smaller scale pieces such as fabric postcards. 

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