The Grand National Fibre Art Exhibition
highlights a stunning display of fibre art from across Canada. 

The committee of the Grand National challenges you to create a work of fibre art using the theme ‘Crossroads’.  As time goes on, one encounters a point at which the normal path through life is divided.  A decision must be made.  Which way does one go?  For better or worse the future will take a new path.  Create a fibre art piece that represents a crossroad past, present or future that has a profound meaning to you and accompany it with your story.

Call for Entries

                     2021 Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors -   Janome

                             WonderFil Specialty Threads

Gold Sponsors -       Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation

                             Grand National Legacy Fund

                             FAN - Fibre Art Network 

                             Fredericton Quilters' Guild             


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