Aske, Terry-A Study of Pattern and Perpe

A Study in Pattern and Perspectives

Terry Aske

Rusted railway tracks, with rail tops polished to a shine by frequent freight trains.
Thickly painted symbols warn pedestrians and cyclists to be aware and alert.
I often use this crossing.  And I always pause to admire the striking graphic patterns.

H" X W": 31 X 31

Aske, Terry-Intersections.jpg

Terry Aske


This quilt started with a vague concept and some of my favourite colours. I said from the beginning that if I didn’t like it, I would cut it up – and I did! My original piecing, although improv and asymmetrical, resulted in a more precise design than I wanted. So I cut it into 6” squares, and rearranged it on my design wall, making decisions as I pieced. Once I added the negative space to each quadrant, it all come together. The result is an intersection of my original vague concept, my improv process and the colours I love.

H" X W": 39 X 25

Aske, Terry-Night Driving.jpg

Terry Aske

Night Driving

Driving through the night, across the featureless landscape, headlights and taillights blur into glowing streams of light, crossing in the darkness.  As I drive, I realize I am surrounded by strangers; all of us travelling in our own socially isolated bubbles.  I wonder about the people in all the vehicles around me.  I wonder about their destinations – are they heading home, across town to visit friends, or perhaps starting a long trip toward a new adventure?  I wonder about their hopes and dreams.

H" X W": 22 X 28