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Garcia, Julie-Eyes on the Horizon.jpg

Julie Garcia

Eyes on the Horizon

In recent years I have realized the gift it truly is to be able to live the creative life that calls me. Following the loss of my husband’s job, I was faced with the decision to leave my creative space and follow an opportunity to work outside of my art. I arrived at this crossroad understanding that it was a necessary path to take, but one I chose reluctantly. Living a creative life comes with a magnetic pull, and if we can just remember to look up toward the future, we can always make space to follow our purpose.

H" X W": 32 X 42

Garcia, Julie-Follow the Tracks.jpg

Julie Garcia

Follow the Tracks

On a countryside of fields and wide open spaces, the prairie grain elevator stands stoic and holds it’s ground as a reminder of times past. The souvenir still demands the respect of passersby, stopping them at the crossroad. Take a moment to look down the track and appreciate the promise of this beautiful, prosperous country. The abundance which has passed through this intersection has sustained rural communities for decades. Pause to admire these giants that stand guard along the rail line across the prairies.

H" X W": 23 X 29

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