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Art Kwilt Connection

Stand Together

The year 2020 will forever be associated with the global pandemic. As human beings, we’ve found ourselves at a crossroads between our “normal” daily routines and what has seemed like an interminable uncertainty of daily news updates, mask-wearing and Zoom meetings. Despite a year of racial violence and unsettling politics amidst health unknowns, we have still been reminded of the human values that are needed now more than ever, to help us survive. We all have choices to make, but need many qualities to make the best decisions.

art KWilt connection consists of five award-winning quilt artists living in South Western Ontario, collaborating since 2014. Each is a respected quilt artist in her own right, appearing at numerous local and national exhibitions. With all the challenges of 2020, the group still feels the excitement of working together on a project, without actually meeting in person. Ilene Atkins, Kitchener. Dorothy Holdenmeyer, Beamsville. Marg Notar, Waterloo. Judy Pearce, Kitchener. Nancy Winn, Waterloo.

H" X W": 24 X 40

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