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Peloquin, Rosemarie-Seeking Solace.jpg

Rosemarie Peloquin

Seeking Solace

My work centres around connection and the building blocks of ordinary people and actions.  Seeking Solace is more about the path to the decision rather than the direction chosen.  As social beings we count on others to be present.   However, today's forced isolation challenges us to make our choices without the benefit of the physical presence and comfort of those we rely on.  We can, instead, turn to our inner strength and wisdom to make decisions.  The quiet, rhythmic work that made these hands is like meditation or prayer.  The found rosary represents found faith in ourselves or a higher power.

H" X W": 8 X 6 X 8

Rosemarie Peloquin

Time to Rethink 'Care' Homes

We are at a crossroads.  It is time to rethink our care of the elderly.  A daily array of heart wrenching situations have been paraded before us for months. We cannot forget, we cannot let it dull our outrage. We must find solutions to treat each person with the respect and love they deserve otherwise, it demeans us all.
Each day ... ask yourselves: What is one small thing I can do today to help the change move forward?
Each day ... Do that one small thing.

H" X W": 17 X 14

Peloquin, Rosemarie-Time to Rethink 'car
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